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Мастер и Маргарита

Никаких философских глубин в этой ирландской балладе нет, все просто и по-средневековому жестко. Маргарита - классическая фатальная женщина, Мастер по роду своей деятельности печальный конец вполне заслужил. Вечные интеллигентские вопросы никому и в голову не приходят, жаловаться на несправедливость родного отца любовницы по меньшей мере странно, да и некому.

See the man in the picture with the falcon on his glove
A famous gambler, they say he never knew defeat
Lucky at cards, oh he was lucky in love
He gave his heart to the lovely Marguerite

See the woman beside him whispering in his ear
She was a famous beauty with men falling at her feet
Her father was the richest man in the town of Belvedere
Where the Gambler met the lovely Marguerite

The day when the handsome gambling man
Came through that town
They met by chance at the corner of the street
The scene was set for the tragedy
It was love at first sight
For the Gambler and the lovely Marguerite

Their passion was a fire that could not be contained
And when they made love oh how their hearts did beat
And from that moment the whole world would be forever changed
For the Gambler and the lovely Marguerite

When her father heard the news he was like a man possessed
In a cold fit of fury, hatred and despair
No good for nothin' gambler was goin' to steal his daughter's heart
He hired three men to put an end to the affair!

The Gambler had a room upstairs in a cheap hotel
The men lay in wait in an alley off the street
As the lovers strolled by three shots rang out and the Gambler fell
He died in the arms of the lovely Marguerite

When they brought her home she just could not be consoled
Her mother sent out for a doctor and a priest
But it was too late to save her body or her soul
She'd gone to meet the Gambler
Who was waiting for his lovely Marguerite

See the man in the picture with the falcon on his glove
And the woman beside him, Queen of Hearts at her feet
They looked so happy they must have been so much in love
The famous Gambler and the lovely Marguerite

They still talk about them in the town of Belvedere
The old people can remember hearing gunfire in the street
And now when the moon is full two lovers sometimes appear
They say it's the ghost of The Gambler and the lovely Marguerite

They say it's the ghost of The Gambler and the lovely Marguerite
Tags: омуз, смыслеги

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