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На снимке из telegraph.co.uk сенатор Маккейн играет в покер на смартфоне во время дискуссии по Сирии в Сенате США. То, что эта дискуссия - сугубо цирковая, было понятно уже давно. Сейчас британская газета это окончательно подтвердила, с игроком в компьютерный покер не поспоришь.

Ниже - позиция Хизбаллы по сирийскому вопросу. Среди прочего, говорится, что западное обоснование интервенции их не интересует. Увы, оказывается, что это не простая риторика, а взвешенный ответ на аргументацию того же Маккейна. Время для кормления троллей прошло.

Hezbollah is totally involved in the Syrian crisis, particularly in the confrontation between the western-backed or Takfiri armed groups. The party sacrificed dozens of martyrs thereat. It is playing a major role and considers itself concerned with what is going on in relation with a whole vision indicating that the most significant goal of the war is attacking the axis of resistance and reaching it. The party also doesn’t need to know the reasons of any foreign intervention, Israeli, American or European. It has rather been waiting this since a long period of time. Consequently, to those who think that Hezbollah, when it decided to intervene, had studied the issue from all sides and will not retreat now; it is totally opposite because any western strike against Syria will represent an additional motive to the party not only to stand more strongly by the side of its ally President Bashar Assad, but also to be in the heart of the battle to defend Syria against this strike. As for its behavior, it is a question whose answer is still hidden within the party.
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