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What Links Pussy Riot With Dostoevsky

[But the strategy of Pussy Riot has a deeper foundation. Their moral critique of authority and appeal to a higher truth is rooted in pre-revolutionary Russia, a tradition that fitfully resurfaced during the Soviet years. They cite 19th-century literary critic Vissarion Belinsky and Fyodor Dostoevsky, but not Voltaire, John Stuart Mill or other representatives of the Western liberal tradition.
The assertion of an individual's right to exist — what Alyohkhina refers to as "inner freedom" — is not a problem for young people living in the West and has not been for a century or more. Whatever the shibboleths that are evoked by today's Western radicals — such as capitalism, neoliberalism, Empire and racism — they are phenomena quite different from the challenge posed by the authoritarian Russian state.]

First problem with this idea is that V.Belinsky, who died in 1848, appreciated only the early works by Dostoevsky, his mature works are completely alien to him. They are in common on general sentimental realism which has absolutely nothing to do with what we are talking about now.

On the contrary, mature Dostoevsky was fiercely religious, anti-revolutionary and anti-nihilist. He would certainly recognize atheist anti-clerical punks and pro-punk Liberals as Devils, his worst enemies.

As a conservative, Dostoevsky was a bitter enemy of anything close to radical Feminism promoted by Pussy Riot. One really can't find worse enemy for Pusssies than Dostoevsky!

I am sorry, but that's basics, quite obvious for those who have a slightest knowledge of Russian literature and philosophy.

А серьезно писать об этом по-русски уж извольте-с.
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