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Керри и Мария Антуанетта

Сравнение Керри с Марией Антуанеттой вполне оправданно. Понятно, что бороться с неоконсервативными революционерами его барскому высочеству явно не хочется.

Kerry's gaffe, and others like it, show need for instant self-editing in an instant video age

We'll never really know if Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake.” But we'd certainly know if she made that infamous (and perhaps fictional) political gaffe today: The video would have thousands of YouTube hits within an hour.

Which is why, analysts say, Sen. John Kerry's much-quoted remarks on education and Iraq, which he apologized for Wednesday, show that now more than ever, danger lurks when a politician strays off script. And it shows that successful politicians (and their staffs) must hone a few crucial skills: listening to yourself speak, and correcting a mistake the minute it happens.
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