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The ghost of Iraqi WMD is back?

Now that Clinton appears to be on the fast track to the post of State Secretary, the ghost of Iraqi WMD may be back. It is known that Iraq has actually abandoned its nuclear program in the early 1990-ies - exactly when Clinton was the President!

There is little doubt that both Clintons were well familiar with real intelligence on Iraqi WMD and played an important although passive part in the ugly Iraqi WMD story. This hardly looks like a good sign for the possible Clinton's tenure as a State secretary. It is hard to imagine why she would change her old way of treating regional info considering how advantageous it was for her personally.

In the short term, this can be of minor importance. However, considering the complexity of situation in Iraq and Afganistan, sooner rather than later, Clinton's talent to benefit personally from general failures is likely to show itself with vengeance.
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