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We quietly talked with my Mom about something, basically, about nothing - and then she just left. I was not particularly surprised - she left as naturally as we just talked.

But then I realized that it can't be OK, well, because I have no idea where she went! More than that, I found out that I don't have her phone or anything, so I have no way to find her and it is not OK at all!

At this point, I woke up with a scream - and realized that well, I really can't find her anywhere in this world. Then I started to look at the top of the bookshelf where the cat dozed when I fell asleep. Nope, that place was empty, the cat was definitely not there.

Finally, I looked at the right side of my bed near the cushion - uphhh, the cat was there. So, everything is actually OK, but... thanks, but I certainly don't need dreams like this one!
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