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Naji B. Oueijan. Sufism, Christian Mysticism, and Romanticism

The Romantics, the British and German Romantics before them, felt a need for a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures so that Romanticism may be free from national confinements and that it may become, according to Friedrich Schlegel, a "progressive, universal poetry". They thought, and they were right, that the spiritual and literary visions of the world of other cultures might provide them with new dimensions of thought fundamental for the establishment of their own system. To the East they looked with the eyes of excitement and admiration, because it was a world endowed with a wealthy spiritual, ethical, and cultural heritage, which was organic and practical at the same time. In the East they found a world order firmly established upon the reconciliation of two spiritual dogmas, Christianity and Islam, and upon the fusion of mathematical truth with spiritual revelation; and based on this different world order, they discovered a literary heritage endowed with love, power and wisdom, or what Bernard Blackstone calls "the Triple Eros".

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