December 26th, 2016

cat gentleman

Leonard Cohen in Peaky Blinders

This scene is from ep 5, season 3 of "Peaky Blinders". The time is early 1920-es, the place is Birmingham, UK. Top gangster Tommy Shelby f*s white Russian aristocrat Tatiana. Yes, this is exactly how they both call what is going on.

However, anti-Soviet guerilla leader Tatiana is not a usual escort. Although for purely business purpose, she wants nothing less than make Tommy believe that she is his beloved wife Grace who was recetly killed by her associates. And Tommy sees Grace in the window for a fraction of a second!

How do they manage to render all this in a movie? "You want it darker" by Leonard Cohen helps quite a lot. In general, music is not exactly what I value PB for, it is too anachronistic. But Cohen makes this piece really magical.
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