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Why we need TV

A court in Germany has ruled that the owner of a chicken that was mauled to death by a dog in 2017 deserves a higher payout because the hen was trained and had TV experience.

German news agency dpa reported Friday that a regional court in the western town of Kleve concluded the chicken was indeed Sieglinde of TV fame and not an ordinary egg-laying hen called Chalotte.

Judges ordered the owner of the dog to pay 615 euros ($683) in damages because the deceased chicken had received 10 hours of acting training. A lower court had granted the owner only half that amount, saying the owner was partly at fault for letting Sieglinde roam free on the farm, but the judges in Kleve overturned that.

A regular chicken costs about 15 euros.

Sieglinde had appeared in at least one German TV movie, commanding three-figure daily fees.
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